Trends In Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is all set for a major disruption in the coming years. New lightweight materials, alternative fuels and innovative technology are transforming the process of manufacturing as well as the vehicles we drive. Take a look at these developments and trends in automotive industry.

Connected vehicles move ahead

The Uber and Ola generations are here. Brand loyalty is soon becoming a thing of the past as millennial and youngsters are exploring vehicle leasing and car sharing. For these consumers, digital capabilities are going to be key differentiators. Many IT requirements in cars will get mandatory for these new IT oriented consumers. Modern cars are expected to feature digital functions and a range of apps to entice prospects.

Electric vehicles power the future

With the world getting more and more conscious about environment degradation and its protection, Eco-friendly vehicles will take the place of traditional vehicles. Although very few countries are currently using electric powered vehicles, this barrier is bound to break within a couple of years. With more and more manufacturers and consumers taking steps to avert traditional fuels, it is no surprise that electric cars will be an obvious choice in future.

Race for new materials heats up

In the next few years, technologies and developments of new materials will keep transitioning into mainstream. There is a growing trend towards the usage of light weight materials in the production of cars. New materials are also explored for making compact and fuel efficient cars.

Bottom line

Faster, lighter, safer and more powerful are some of the features of upcoming cars that will set trends in automotive industry. Manufacturers are constantly changing the understanding of what a vehicle is, how to power it and what to do with the vehicle. For manufactures as well as suppliers, this means new processes, new directions and new strategies to market their cars. For consumers, this means better technology, access to various fuel alternatives and more powerful and safer cars.

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